How is a Same Day Smile possible?

There is little doubt that implant technology has changed modern dentistry for the better. However, the original dental implant process relied completely on a process known as osseointegration. This is where the jaw bone heals around the placed implant post, securing it permanently in its location. As you can imagine, this process takes a number of months, and in conventional dental implants, patients would be fitted with temporary prosthetic teeth while osseointegration takes place. Once your professional is happy the post is secure, your custom-built prosthetics can then be loaded on. If osseointegration fails, the titanium post would come loose, and the implant would fail.

Unfortunately, we are all guilty of being impatient from time to time, and this is definitely the case when it comes to improving our appearance, including our smiles. We want our issues addressed and we want it done now. This is something that can be a deal-breaker when it comes to conventional implants. However, with a Same Day Smile, you can experience the benefits of dental implants immediately. A Same Day Smile is a process whereby patients can have dental implants placed and fully functioning teeth attached in the same of just one day.

How is it possible to have implants fitted and loaded in just one day?

Many patients wonder how it is possible to have dental implants in a day. Well, there are several different things that can make it possible for some patients to receive a same day smile.

With some systems, the answer lies in the positioning of the implant posts. While conventional implants are placed at a 90-degree angle to your jaw, the implants used in Same Day Smiles where multiple missing teeth are replaced, such as All-On-4, are actually placed at a 45-degree angle. This gives the teeth additional stability and ensures they can be used immediately.

In some instances, immediately loaded implants can be placed directly after an extraction if there is sufficient gum and bone support. The trouble with waiting until a while after an extraction is that the longer you are without a tooth, the more your bone and gum tissue can deteriorate. However, your implant dentist will be able to tell you if you are suitable candidate for a Same Day Smile.

However, in all cases, Same Day Smiles are only possible when an implant provider has the necessary technology to be able to create your custom-designed implants the very same day.

Am I a good candidate for a Same Day Smile?

Not every patient is a good candidate for a Same Day Smile and your provider will need to undertake a thorough assessment of your mouth and jaw bone to determine whether you may be suitable for this procedure. This involves taking x-rays and even CT scans of your mouth and jaw which will be used to assess the density and quality of the jaw bone and gum tissue. If you are found to have sufficient healthy bone and supporting gums, you may be a suitable candidate or a Same Day Smile.

If you are found to be unsuitable for receiving dental implants in a day, your dentist will happily talk to you about your options regarding dental implants. It may be that you consider conventional implants, or that you consider an alternative solution.

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