June 24, 2019
Many of our patients come in looking for a complete reconstruction of their teeth. This is a common issue for many people, and we offer a variety of different services to meet your needs. Full mouth reconstruction can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Traumatic injury, dental disease, or age can all play a role in the need to replace many of our permanent teeth. 
March 18, 2019
There is little doubt that implant technology has changed modern dentistry for the better. However, the original dental implant process relied completely on a process known as osseointegration. This is where the jaw bone heals around the placed implant post, securing it permanently in its location. As you can imagine, this process takes a number of months, and in conventional dental implants, patients would be fitted with temporary prosthetic teeth while osseointegration takes place. Once your professional is happy the post is secure, your custom-built prosthetic/s can then be loaded on. If osseointegration fails, the titanium post would come loose, and the implant would fail.