Facial Trauma in Mount Pleasant, SC

Unfortunately, if you are involved in an accident that leaves you with trauma to your face, there is a high chance that your mouth, teeth, and jaw will be affected. If this happens, you may need an expert oral surgeon to help repair the damage and restore the function and appearance of the lower half of your face.

Facial injuries can often seem much worse than an injury to any other part of the body. This is because the area affected cannot be covered. This can cause emotional trauma in addition to the physical problems that you are experiencing. As compassionate and dedicated oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we understand how important it is to restore the function of your mouth, jaw, and teeth as well as understanding how the surgery will affect your appearance. As such, our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons will use their utmost skill and precision to repair the damage to your face, mouth, and jaw. Extra care will be taken to try and retain the facial structure and shape and minimize any scarring by placing incisions inside the mouth wherever possible.

Causes of facial traumas

There can be many different causes of facial traumas. Some of the most common include:

  • Trips and falls

  • Vehicle collisions

  • Sports injuries

  • Workplace accidents

  • Violent encounter

In many instances, patients with a facial trauma will visit the emergency room first of all, and once their condition is considered stable and any urgent treatment is complete, they will then be referred to an oral surgeon for ongoing treatment and care. However, you can receive all the care you need for a facial trauma here at our state of the art dental surgery facility in Mount Pleasant, SC.

What damage can occur during a facial trauma?

Effects of facial traumas. If you have suffered facial trauma, you may have experienced significant damage to your skin, bones and underlying tissues. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons can help repair the following types of damage.

Facial lacerations

This refers to cuts and other open wounds that may need to be stitched or glued. Minor lacerations will typically be treated in the emergency room. However, if your lacerations are particularly deep or extensive, you may need to be put to sleep using a general anesthetic so that the wound can be closed in several layers so that the deeper tissues are also held together.

Intraoral lacerations

These are lacerations that occur inside the mouth and can affect the soft tissues of the inside of the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, lips, and tongue. These will be treated in the same way as regular facial lacerations and be carefully stitched using sutures. Since the inside of the mouth is a warm and moist environment, there is a slightly greater risk of infection occurring and you will be monitored closely to ensure that the wounds heal without becoming infected.

Knocked-out teeth

If you seek emergency help shortly after losing a tooth, it may be possible for our surgeons to replace it. However, if some time has passed and we are unable to replace your natural tooth, we can talk to you about your options for tooth replacement, such as with a bridge or a dental implant.

Fractured bones

Since it is impossible to apply a cast to the face, our surgeons will discuss the best way of helping your facial bones to heal with you. This may mean wiring the jaws together or placing stabilizing plates to allow the bones to heal. Over the course of several months, the bones should fuse back together, completing the treatment.

Soft tissue damage

Injuries that extend past the teeth and bones into the soft tissues (the gums, cheeks, and lips) will need to be corrected by an oral surgeon. Extra care will need to be taken to ensure that there is no disruption to major nerves or the salivary glands.

If you would like more information about oral surgery for facial traumas, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with our experienced dental team today by calling our dental offices in Mount Pleasant, SC on (843) 321-4300. Dr. Barefoot is a top-rated Oral Surgeon with a passion for the field.